26 September 2022 News
Transfer of AHO Properties

Birribee Housing is the biggest recipient of properties after the first three rounds of the Property Management Transfer Program. The program is run by the Aboriginal Housing Office, an agency within the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. Birribee was successful in multiple locations: Western Sydney, Wagga Wagga, Orange and Bathurst.

The first-round transfer of the Western Sydney properties took place in the middle of 2021 (also, the middle of a COVID outbreak and lockdown – remember those!). The transfer of properties in Wagga Wagga, Orange and Bathurst occurred in late August. All transferring tenants have been advised of the new arrangements by the Birribee Housing staff as well as from the Department of Communities and Justice and the AHO.

Eight other Aboriginal Community Housing ‘Growth Providers’ are also receiving properties for management under this program. Full details can be found on the AHO’s website.