02 September 2022 News
Innovative Service Models

Birribee Housing seeks to strengthen the Aboriginal community-controlled housing sector in lots of different ways. One of these involves developing innovative service models. Over the last year, Birribee developed an enhanced, outcomes-focused housing model that includes several different elements:

  • An Intensive Support Service aiming to achieve broad housing and community outcomes beyond the narrow financial indicators that are traditionally used
  • Specialist Support Co-ordination, to build tenant and family capacities through working in collaboration with Aboriginal support services
  • Developing a positive rent culture, through innovate strategies and incentives, training and information sharing.
  • Community education and renewal, to foster culturally appropriate ways of working in community to build genuine and productive partnerships and develop community centred strategies

We will shortly be implementing this enhanced and innovative housing service model in a regional location. Stayed tuned for further updates, once the funding arrangements have been agreed.